Alpha Gamma Rho Achievement Award Naming Opportunities

  • Potential donors to the Alpha Gamma Rho Legacy Fund, donations from which are awarded via the Alpha Gamma Rho Achievement Award, have the option to receive recognition through a named scholarship. It is the Iowa State University Foundation’s policy to allow donors to establish an endowed (invested and awarded in perpetuity) or expendable scholarship (funds are not invested and are awarded until the account is zeroed out) at certain gifting levels.
  • Alpha Gamma Rho - Eta Chapter has the opportunity to determine if they’d like to provide this named scholarship recognition to donors at the $50,000 level and above (or a gift level as determined by the Alpha Gamma Rho - Eta Chapter Board as long as they are within the naming guidelines of the ISU Foundation). The ISU Foundation would create a gift agreement between the donor(s) and the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences to be awarded exactly as the Alpha Gamma Rho Achievement Award, which is in consultation with the Alpha Gamma Rho - Eta Chapter Board Scholarship Committee. The scholarship would be awarded as the “John Smith Alpha Gamma Rho Achievement Award” alongside the general “Alpha Gamma Rho Achievement Award”. The donor(s) to the named scholarship would receive endowment and fund reports on an annual basis from the ISU Foundation. If the scholarship is established as an expendable fund, they will have the opportunity to renew their support when the last award is made from their fund.