Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost to join?

Yes, there are dues associated with joining AΓΡ. You will be required to pay rent for living in the house as well as chapter dues while living in the house. This money goes towards operating the Fraternity House as well as fund fraternity activities.

What will Alpha Gamma Rho do for me?

Alpha Gamma Rho offers a place for like minded individuals with an interest in agriculture to associate with one another in a social and professional setting. We provide leadership opportunities that help mold its members into "better men." AΓΡ is a place for you to expand your college experience outside of the classroom, but most of all AΓΡ provides a place for you to build brotherhood and life long friendships. With nearly 1,700 Alumni, after college our Alumni relationships can aid in the persuit and development of a career in agriculture.

Where is the house located?

201 gray Ave Ames, Iowa 50014

The AΓΡ house is located in a centralized location. We are about a ten minute walk from most classrooms.

When can I join the fraternity?
We begin recruiting for new members when they are juniors and seniors in high school.