House Mother of Eta Chapter

It has been a long standing tradition and expectation that Alpha Gamma Rho (AGR) fraternity at ISU have a housemother. The presence of a woman within our chapter completes the family of AGR. Diane Pinneke is the woman who serves as our “mom away from home”. Raised on a farm, her interest and investment in agriculture remains strong. As the aunt of a young man who gained much from his experience at AGR, Diane learned about the mission and saw the long term benefits. During her career as a Child, Adolescent and Family Therapist she made the decision that upon retirement she would be a house mother in a fraternity at ISU. AGR is the fraternity of which she wanted to be part.

The house mother at AGR is a resource to our members. She teaches us and provides information about appropriate manners for social and professional situations. She assists with proof-reading assignments, applications, and resumes, in addition to keeping up on the interests of the brothers at the fraternity. She can be called upon to sew a button on a suit coat or provide an envelope. She also enjoys the opportunity to interact with our parents and sends out newsletters outlining some of our activities complete with pictures. 

The house mother at AGR acts as the hostess on such occasions as Founder’s Day, Homecoming, Parent Weekend etc. She plans and works with our chef, setting up for the occasion, meeting and greeting former alumni and other guests. Like any mom she is willing to help out and works with the members to make our fraternity a welcoming, comfortable and homey environment. 

201 Gray is more than a place to go when not in class. It is a home. It is a place brothers go to study, hang out, and spend time together. Mom Diane helps provide a warm caring atmosphere and holds us to our expectations of respecting others and our chapter facility. Mom Diane’s presence makes life better at AGR and her belief in us helps to support our mission of “Growing Better Men”.


To contact our house mother:

Phone: (712)-830-4430

Email: [email protected]