Alumni Dad Program

NI Class of 22' and Alumni Dads as pictured above

The Goal

The Alumni Dad Program is designed as a mentorship program in which 2-3 undergraduate New Initiates are paired with an alumni that has similar career aspirations, interests, or a common educational major of study.

The goal of the program for the Alumni Dads:

  • To provide the NI’s with help as they prepare for ISU’s Career Fair (this should include résumé tips, helping the NI’s perfect their elevator speech, and if possible, conducting mock interviews)
  • To stay connected with life as it is currently at 201 Gray
  • For those that are currently in a position to hire interns or full-time employees: to find qualified individuals to step into those positions 


The goal of the program for the New Initiates:

  • To become exposed to the expansive alumni network that Eta Chapter is so blessed to have while it is still early in their collegiate career
  • To further develop their social, personal, and professional skills by interacting with business professionals that have been in their same shoes once before
  • To develop Event Planning skills through their organization of an AGR Industry Tour that encompasses every aspect of agriculture


This program was initially launched in late September 2022, with 15 alumni proudly choosing to participate. Each being paired with 2 New Initiates. This program can be as hands-on or as hands-off as each pairing deems necessary, but we feel that a mentorship program like this will and has been highly beneficial to our New Initiates.


The Ask

We are looking for more alumni to become involved with this program for next year, and we plan to have our Alumni/NI pairings assigned within the first month of school. Ideally, we would have a 1:1 ratio of alumni and New Initiates participating. With an earlier kick-off to next year’s program, we project that there will be more opportunity for mock interviews, and more opportunities to host alumni for dinner at 201 Gray throughout the year.

We are also looking for alumni that are representatives of companies and/or diversified farm owners near the Ames/Des Moines area that would be willing to host a group of undergraduate AGR’s for a tour as part of the AGR Industry Tour which we plan to have towards the end of the Spring semester.


The Testimonials

In the Fall of 2022, several Eta alumni were gracious enough to stop by the Chapter house to conduct mock interviews for our New Initiates prior to ISU’s Career Fair. A few of these gentlemen had great things to say about the Alumni Dad program.


"The alumni dad program has been well worth the time invested by both active chapter members and alumni. I've seen firsthand the positive impact I can have on the life of an undergraduate member, and I have learned a few new things from him I can apply to my life as well. Furthermore, we've learned more about our families, interests, and farms, which only strengthens the bonds we share through Alpha Gamma Rho as brothers," said Brother Andrew Lauver.


Grant Bargfrede, Senior Director of Operations for the AGR National Office and Eta alumni, had this to say about the program. The alumni dad program creates value for two reasons: 1) it gives the newest members in the chapter the opportunity to connect with alumni and for both personal and professional advice and guidance. 2) It allows for a broader alumni base to get involved in a non-traditional sense. Additionally, it compliments other activities Eta Chapter alumni host for collegiate members in the chapter such as the Alumni/ New Initiate Dinner and the Senior Dinner. 

This not only helps Eta Chapter, but it is an asset to Iowa State University. When their students are demonstrating hard and soft professional skills in the classroom, during career fairs, and through campus clubs and organizations, it makes the University stronger. 

A chapter is more successful when alumni and collegiate members are working together to improve the quality of the chapter. Additionally, it creates a reason for alumni to stay engaged with the chapter. Alpha Gamma Rho is not just a four-year organization, but an opportunity for a lifetime to “Make Better Men.”

While a handful of chapters have created alumni mentors programs, most have not been able to sustain itself. My challenge to the chapter and alumni involved is to keep the momentum going; find ways to stay in touch with your mentees and alumni dads. These alums can be a great resource who want to see every brother succeed. 

One of the reasons I got involved with the Alumni Dad Program is because it gives me a chance to stay connected with the chapter and its newest members.”


Finally, I would like to personally thank each of the gentlemen that conducted mock interviews at the House, as well as all of the alumni that are participating in the program this year. If you are interested in participating in this program next Fall, please reach out to me at [email protected].



Adam Zee