• There are many tax deductible ways that you can Pay It Forward and engage in the Legacy Achievement grants.
    Your support can be to either the AGR Legacy general fund or the AGR Future Veterinarian program. Please

    consider if your company match benefits would apply with your donation.


  •  Contributions to the Legacy Fund are tax deductible and recognized by the Eta Chapter Foundation and the
    Iowa State Foundation. These gifts, along with other contributions to the Iowa State University such as the
    Cyclone Club, count towards membership in the Order of the Knoll Campanile Society.


  •  The following are suggested ongoing donation levels to enable the Legacy Fund to continue offering AGR Legacy
    Fund Achievement grants.
  •  $21 per month = $250 annual grant
  •  $42 per month = $500 annual grant
  •  $84 per month = $1000 annual grant



       Thank you for your generosity and investment in the future of Eta Chapter.